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The Aral Sea Fishery Project 1995 - 2008

Information about the project. The history and accomplishments of the fishery project are described with reference to the relevant reports, letters and article below. 

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The Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danida, Demokratifonden and a number of private funds have financially supported the work in this fishery project since 1995

Chronological summary of the fishery project:

  • 1991: First contact between Denmark and Kazakstan is established. (support: private)

  • 1994: One Danish delegation visits Aral, and the idea emerges (on behalf of local fishermen) to exploit Danish traditions and resources in the efforts to re-establish fishery on the Aral Sea. (support: private fund 8000 $)

  • 1995: Aral fishery community leaders visit Denmark and sign a "Protocol of our common aims". (support: Public and private funds 30.000 $)

  • 1996: 19 Kazak fishermen, specialists and interpreters visit Denmark one month to study Danish traditions in fisheries and sales, especially concerning flat fish. A one month trial fishery is carried out on the Small Aral Sea near village Tastubek, supervised by four Danish specialists. The results prove the Aral Sea to contain valuable unexploited natural resources. The first transport with nets and fishery from Denmark to (support: DANIDA, private funds, firm etc. 1996 - 1998 250.000 $)

  • 1997: Agreements are made with local fishermen to further the establishing of small-scale private co-operatives.

  • 1998: 8 Danish specialists, during five months, study and support the newly established co-operatives in catching, treating and selling flounder. NGO Aral Tenizi is founded.

  • 1999: NGO Aral Tenizi and LLH plan their common efforts for years 2000-2004. (support: DANIDA, private/public funds, firm etc. 170.000 $)

  • 2000: The third transport from Denmark with fishery equipment and other equipment for Aral Tenizi and institutions in the region (2 containers). The first fish stations is established around Little Aral. Fish is transported and sold in cities in Kazakstan. (support DANIDA 2000 - 2004 450.000 $, private/public funds 60.000 $)

  • 2001: A transport from Denmark with equipment for fish treatment. 90 cooperative and brigades a fishing on the Aral Sea from October – April. 1000 members of Aral Tenizi. Aral Tenizi a supported from GEF UN program (support: GEF 50.000 $, private/public funds, firm 40.000 $)

  • 2002: A transport with equipment where send to Aralsk. In 2002 and 2003 the project will focus on the infrastructure in the fish treatment activities in Aralsk region and the fish marked in Kazakhstan. (support: public/private funds, firm 45.000 $) 

  • 2003: A Master plan for the future fishery on the Aral Sea where produced. Kazakhstan and the World Bank sign the loan agreement about the restoring of Little Aral. A transport 2 containers with equipment for fish processing where sent from Denmark.(support: private/public funds 85.000 $)

  • 2004: The work stated in Syr Darya control system, and dam building for restoring Little Aral. The work in Aral Tenizi for building up Centre “Kambala Balyk” in Aralsk started. A transport one container where sent from Denmark. Phase 4 of the project “From Kattegat to the Aral Sea” started in mid 2004. (support: DANIDA 2004 - 2007 360.000 $ private/public funds 45.000 $)

  • 2005: Phase 4 startet with a support from Danida for 3 year 390.000 UD$. The main work is capacity building in Aral Tenizi and Kambala Balyk and seminars for fishermen

  • 2006: Phase 4. Main focus is the autum international meetings in Aralsk

  • 2007: Phase 4. Main focus on capacity building in the fishery and Aral Tenizi

  • 2008: Phase 4. The project is comming to its end June 2008