Letter to the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, Kazakstan. MR. Daukeev S.




Aarhus, 8.7.1998

Dear Sir,

Concluding our June campaign, conference, and workshop exhibition, we would like to thank you for your keen attention to the fishery project ”From Kattegat to Aral Sea”.

It is very encouraging to us to note that in any Danish newspaper in these days, if the topmeeting in Aarhus is referred to, Kazakstan is always mentioned. It is our impression that You with Your performance on the topmeeting have been able to put Kazakstan on the international agenda.

We have been working together with Kazakstani partners for several years, and for the first time we experience that people here know about the basic geography and situation for the independent republic of Kazakstan. We have talked with important members of the Danish parliament who expressed their sincere conviction that Kazakstan had placed itself in a central role in the topmeeting. This result facilitates our work also.

We would like to keep You somewhat informed on our activities.

The following initiatives from the project are these:

-         In late July, one project support worker (Bjerre Henrik) will arrive in Aralsk to prepare the autumn work.

-         In August, an Aral delegation, consisting in 7 people, including fisherman, technician a.o., will visit Denmark to meet and discuss with their Danish counterparts.

-         Late August, etnographer Svennevig Ingeborg, coordinator Christensen Kurt, and Kazak coordinator Tairov Makhambet, will all visit Aralsk to initiate the autumn programme.

-         In August or September, I would like to meet some representative from the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, who could be our contact, concerning the Aral Sea.

-         Throughout the autumn, Danish fishermen, technicians, and a biologist will participate in the work to reinforce the catching and distribution of flounder from the Aral Sea.

The results from this work will be collected in a project document in early 1999. It is our aim to have this document founding eventual applications for donors, concerning a possible extension of the project, in the years 1999-2001.

Yours faithfully

Project coordinator

Kurt Bertelsen Christensen, Chairman.