Annual plan of activities Volunteer Center

 in the frame of the Aral Tenizi society. 2002.





Action name

Contact person or organization


20-27, April

“Spring Week of Kindness”

1st day – presentation.

2nd day – Meeting with narcolog

3rd day – Earth’s day

4th day – Park’s march

5-6th days – Aid to orphans

7th day – Clothing.Concert.

VC, Regional Educational department, administration of schools, Department of scoial support, regional AIDS center.


3rd May

International Day of free Press (Mass Media). Meeting with the journalists of local press.

VC, journalists of newspapers: “Tolkyn”, “Syr Boyi”, “Zhas Tolkin”.


31st of May

“Day without smoking”

Picture competition.

VC, schools.


1st of June

“Day of children protection”.

Picture competition on asphalt.

VC, kindergartens “Karligash”, “Zhazira”.


26th of June

“Day of struggle against drugs”. Place of spending park.


VC, “Yeldos” disco-club, Regional Culture House, Youth Center in akimat.


6th of August

“Day of struggle against nuclear weapon ”. Meeting with the representatives of youth council.

VC, Youth center in akimat, local schools.


The last week of September.

“Let’s clean the planet from dust”. Subbotnik. Contest “The clean street”.

VC, Regional Educational department, schools.


1st of October

“International day of old people”. Assistance to old alone.

VC, regional department of social support, society of protecting disabled and veterans.


17th of october

“International day of struggle against poverty”. Aid to socially poor and polychildren families.

VC, school-internat, local schools, regional department of social support.


20th of November

International Childrens day. Contest of song and dances among children.

VC, kindergartens, the beginner classes.


1st of December

“Day of struggle against AIDS”. Picture contest.

VC, YC akimat, AIDS center.


3rd of December

“International day of people with limited abilities” (disabled).

VC, disabled society.


5th of December

“International Volunteers Day”. Contests: “The Volunteer of the year”, “The sponsor of the year”, “The best action of the year”.



15th of December

Day of Kazakhstan Youth. Round table. Concert.

VC, Iniciative groups.


31st of December

New Year program, congratulations. Making annual report.

VC, “Aral tenizi” society.


Co-ordinator:  Utemisova Akmaral.

Manager of VC: Tursinbaeva Gulnar

Assistant manager: Kulzhanova Zauresh.


To head manager of the “Living sea” society

Mr. Kurt Christensen


On behalf of the Volunteer Center Aralsk in the frame of the Aral tenizi society we ask you to provide us with technical assistance (computer sets 1, copy machine - 1) and provide us with informational assistance and to help us to find contacts with the  Danish Volunteer center organizations.


Your sincerely,

co-ordinator of the Volunteer Center

 in the frame of Aral tenizi society

 Utemisova Akmaral.