A short description

The Danish Society for a "Living Sea"

 Landsforeningen "Levende Hav"

 The sea around Denmark is unique. Unique in its biological variation, in its productivity as a fish water, for its unspoiled coastal landscapes and as a resting and breeding ground for a significant part of the European stock of ducks and wading bird species. A fantastic playground for people who love the nature, for anglers, for bathers, for bird-watchers, for stone-collectors, for divers, for sailors and for beach-wanderers. And the sea is the foundation for a profession of fishermen, who directly employ approximately 4,500 people and further four to five as many in the succeeding industry.

The sea enjoys huge attention in the Danish literature and in our self-esteem as a nation of Vikings, sailors and fishermen. But we have nearly forgotten the real sea. Today the users of the sea are organised in a number of societies, each working for their own particular interests while the questions that concern all the sea-users are not taken seriously enough. The environmental problems of the sea are not solved.

- After 15 years with an unnatural, bureaucratic quota regulation a number of the most important edible fish species in the seas around us are reaching historically low numbers.

- Despite of 10 years with a management plan for the water environment in Denmark the wash out of nitrogen reached new records in 1995.

- Despite of dozens of international conferences with serious (solemn) declarations we continuously find new environmental poisons in the sea, without being able to solve the problems with the already known ones.

Therefore Landsforeningen "Levende Hav" is needed!

In the following years the environment of the sea will be on the agenda connected to a number of international and national matters. Landsforeningen "Levende Hav" will participate in marking the Danish recommendations, put forward the necessary demands and oblige the politicians to their pretty declarations.

Levende Hav is organised in a direct and functional way. A decentralised structure with minimal administration coasts, independently working groups and a widespread right to disagree. The society needs well established contacts with all users of the sea and their organisations. These contacts must primarily come from the members. We hope that a number of people will be organised in two organisations, both the Levende Hav and trade unions or green organisations. We hope that the Levende Hav will be a real grass root organisation. We expect that the members will make it possible to establish working groups to solve concrete problems, make recommendations and participate in conferences and political meetings concerning the sea. - And we promise to end the society the day it is no longer needed.